Christoffer Regild, styling Maja Regild

CHRISTOFFER REGILD PHOTOGRAPHY is a Copenhagen based photographic studio founded in 1995 working in the fields of interior, portrait, architecture, documentary and art photography for a wide range of commercial as well as editorial clients. Educated at one of the best photographic schools in the world, International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York as well as at Fatamorgana in Denmark, Christoffer Regild is broadly acknowledged all across Scandinavia for his unique use of natural light, simple yet complex compositions and a strong, precise personal visual aesthetics. Learn more on #christofferregildphotography and

MAJA REGILD INTERIORS is a Copenhagen based interior design studio founded in 2009 and proud to work in areas such as interior design, creative direction and styling for commercial and private clients as well as creator of editorial content for a wide range of high-end design magazines around the world. Learn more on #majaregildinteriors and

Together the creative Danish duo (and couple) create various editorial and commercial content and campaign material for high-end brands and interior magazines in Denmark and throughout Scandinavia.