Anitta Behrendt

Anitta Behrendt took her degree in photography in the year 2000, she is based in Copenhagen, her work includes covers for the majority of the leading Danish lifestyle magazines and numerous of editorial articles about interior design for both Danish and foreign media.
Besides the magazines she also shoots lookbooks for fashion companies, catalogues for interior clients and professional portraits, and she has a distinct sense to accentuate and enhance a visual identity.
Anitta is also co-writer of the book ”Kunsthåndværkerhjem’ (‘Arts and Crafts homes’) 2016, publisher Turbine. In addition to this she has been co-writer of the book about interior decoration “Forvandlinger I boligen“ 2012, publisher Gyldendal and she has worked on books about food and childrens’ books for publisher Carlsen, Lindhardt & Ringhof.
Instagram: @anittabehrendt